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Franklin County: Lauramann Howe Russell to Serena E. Russell, [illegible] 2, 1862

Lauramann Howe Russell writes from a hospital in Chambersburg to his daughter, Serena, describing Sabbath School and entertainment at the hospital. He also includes a description of quiet life in Chambersburg, mentioning the German Reformed Church and the paper mill.

[illeg.] 2nd 62

Acadamy Hospital P.a.

My Dear Dauter Serena

Having just returned from the Sabbat School I am thinking that I want to write to some of my folkes and as you have not written to me for some time as I to you now is a good time.

As I was saying I have just returned from School. it is half past two o'clock Tho. you may think it rather late but it is not so. the Sabbath School takes the place of the afternoon service the Church meetings being in the morning and evening.

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The Church is some five minutes walk from the Hospital on the Maine St. and a nice looking building. The [unclear: vestry] is about the size of ours altogether but there is a partition through the centre which makes two rooms for the different departments of the School. The infant school is up stairs whare the meetings ar held, The roome that I was in was very nicely furnished with pews & I which was much more convenient than ours. The services were nearly the same as I had been used to. Opened with Singing & Prayer. Closed with singing. I have not been to a Sabbath S before since leaving home, It was at the German Reform Church I was conducted to a seat with a class of young men and had the chance of

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hearing this explanation of the Chapter that contained the lesson. it did not differ from our version of the same texts.

Some young ladies have come to the Hospital to sing for the entertainment of the wounded inmates and while I am writing are performing in the hall, there is no base and it dose not interest me much althoug they are very good singers, Common tunes do not sound very well without the base it is different with a duett.

My hand is getting a little better, I think and will be well in a few weeks.

Do you hear any thing from Benj or John I have heard nothing in particular sence being here-- I had a few spair minuits yesterday and I went into a paper mill. it was whare they made [deleted: this] straw paper and it was a very curious opperation. the straw is first ground then mixed with water and some other substance

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and taken by machinary from the trough and rund between rollars in thin sheets to press the water out. It is then cut in [deleted: sheets] squares about 22 x 30 and put up to dry. The building was about one hundred feet long by sixty wide and four stories heigh including the basement. the basement was used for manufacturing the article the other three stories for drying it---- This is the most quiet town I was ever in. there is nothing going on in day time or evening excepting Church going other then the ordinery business of the week but it makes little difference with me for I should not be the wiser for them.

I canot write more this time. I hope to hear from you in due time. Tell me all the news that you can think of---- Enclosed you will find a little piece of change do with it as you think best only make a good use of it.---I was thinking yesterday how you & Ellen got along with your [illeg.], will you tell me when you write?--- - Remember me to all the rest at home-- It is a very warm and pleasant day I hope it will continue so for weeks yet to come. What is Williams Witherber & Charley W. and the Loring boy that were in the band doing these times-

yours From your

Father L

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