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Franklin County: Lauramann Howe Russell to Serena E. Russell, November 28, 1862

In this letter to his daughter Serena, Lauramann Howe Russell recounts his "dull" Thanksgiving day at the hospital. He also mentions entertainments at Sabbath School in Chambersburg and the requests of children for pine laurel rings.

Nov 28th/62

Academy Hospital
Chambersburg Penna

My Dear Daughter

It is the evening after Thanksgiving and I suppose you are eather finishing up the holiday or at home with the rest of the folks having a good time with Ellen and Charles I have told mother about the time we had at this hospital and you will hear all about it.

I got a letter today from uncle Eli there was one also from Charley [illeg.] [deleted: and] Henry and Aunt Elisa. you will see that I had four letters beside uncle Eli's & Aunt Elisa's Photographs I was glad to get them for it seemed some like seeing them in person I shall expect your picture some time and Ellens too.

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The little girls come into the hospital and sing to the soldiers some times and it makes me think of the class of little girls that used to sing with me you will recollect about it I presume. they sing many of the things that we used. I dont think that they sing as well for perhaps they have not had the Musice to learn only by wrote.

I had rather of a dull Thanksgiving the dinner was all that was good or lively and that did not last long I had my usual work to do of pulling off old bandages and putting on new ones making flax seed poulticeses &C. &C. I thought of whot Charles said in his letter about being at home and having a good time. I wonder if mother had a chicken if so did Frank eat any of it. I hope he and all the

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of you are well Charles Otis told me in his letter that he and his brother Henry were coming up to grandmothers to spend Thanksgiving I hope you had a good time with them if you were up there [deleted: with them]

The Sabbath Schools had their Anniversary at the German Reform Church last evening. I made some enquiries about the entertainment during the meeting and understood that it consisted in singing speeking peaces answering questions from the bible. the last mentioned performance is something new in the way of entertainment I was told that one little girl I think it was that answered more than one hundred questions and a little boy that could tell the Chapter an verse of any passage that might be read. I think there are not many little boys that can do that he must have studdied the scriptures much of his time during life

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Enclosed you will find a ring which I think will fit some of your fingers it is one that I made from pine laurel that come from Manassas. I think that it is quite [deleted: a] pretty some of the little girls that come to the hospital ask me to make them some but I cannot get time. I did make Ellen Bell McCellan- a little girl about two years old, a little ring and put in her middle name she was pleased with it. but it will not do to make any more for them For all the little girls in town will want one. I can not write more this time. I hope this will find you in good health.

Write soon as you can find it convenient and as mauch sooner as you have a mind to

From your Father


to Serena E. Russell

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