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Franklin County: Eliza R. Stouffer to Anna Hoover, December 20, 1861

In this letter, Eliza R. Stouffer discusses a possible visit with Anna Hoover and recounts a recent conversation with Mr. and Mrs. Brechbill. In the postscript, Eliza includes a note for N. Hoover copying a letter from S. K. Snively to Jacob Stouffer. Snively expresses his gratitude that God has spared his life and vows to leave his sinful ways if he survives the war.

December 20 1861

Chambersburg, Pa.

Dear sister

as I am writing to sister Catharine will drop you a few lines for your satisfaction we are all well. hope you are the same I would like to write you a long letter but have hardly time now, I would like to pay you a visit soon but I often do not feel well and feel best at home. my mind is often with you some three weeks ago perhaps longer, Brechbill was here said they had written to you recd no answer thought perhaps you had send something here for his wife brought one supporter here said she had Kept the first one found she could make it fit by altering it a little, said she was some better, wished to have some more drops, suppose you have heard from her ere this

I will send the supporter down the first good oppertuny perhaps you will be up soon

My love to you and Brother George

Remember us in your prayers

E Stouffer

please hand this over to N Hoover
Eliza Stouffer for Bregbiles
N Hoover

As this sheet is blank, I will tell you that Jacob red a letter from S K Snively on 30th Nov. Benjamin wrote to him, then Jacob wrote a few lines and laid it in his letter he writes with great pleasure, did I read those lines you sent in Bs letter. I must feel very thankfull that the Lord is so very merciful that he has spared my life to this present time. While many of my fellow soldiers and comrades, are every day hurried to a long and unending eternity I had to feel so in particular when those two men were struck with lightening near my tent. I had to feel that easily it might have been my lot, and what would have been the consequenc. I would have reced a fatal and irrivocable doom, Friend Jacob. I must often reflect of times past, How Satan led me from the narrow path to the broad and sinful [deleted: way] one again and how happy and contented I was when I embraced religion, and now how miserable and reched I often now feel If it ever should be my luck to get home again I will give myself up to the Lord and try and serve him [deleted: the remainder] faithfully the ballance of my days

These are his own words I thought perhaps you would like to hear from him N Hoover

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