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Franklin County: Jacob Stouffer to Catharine Miller, November 2, 1862

In this letter to his daughter, Catharine, Jacob Stouffer discusses the status of those at home and the individual's need for religious faith during the war.

Sundy Evening
Nov 2 1862


To Catharine

Dear daughter and friend your letter of Friday evening came to hand on yesterday evening and we were pleased to hear from you, and that you were all well. Lizzie also received a letter from David by the Same mail-the trials you have been experiencing this week were not altogether unknown to us. I had Seen and Spoken with Henry Strickler on his way home-from what he told me I thought it would cause you Some trouble,-when I look to myself I need not wonder at you or Amos to feel as tho a heavy burden was laid upon you-, viz Amos as tho the Care of Souls was required of him, or at his hands-with you it will appear as tho you Should have many lonely hours-perhaps days and nights to Spend

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as the harvest is great and the faithfull labourers are few,-when we ponder over all these things and reason with ourselves, or with flesh and blood it Seems to be hard, and to the natural mind it is truly hard, when we consider the wages the true followers and Shepherds of Christs little flock have received through all times in this present life- When we read the history of Jonah-of Jeremiah-of Moses and many others of Gods messengers we can easily perceive that things all time, as at the present the faithful watchman on the walls of Jerusalem had but little glory to expect from the world-but my dear daughter and friend-when we look upon the other Side and view the promises held to those who are faithfull here in these Smaller matters-we Should console ourselves-for great Shall be their reward in heaven-that kind

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Providence who tempers the winds to the Showrn lamb and who provides for the young raven will also truly provide for his people-his chosen flock if we can but be resigned to his will & have no choice of our own and could Say with Samuel Lord here am I. I trust when you look a round, you can See many that have troubles and trials also, and with which you would not like to exchange the Prophet in Speaking of these things Says our life here is Short and full of trouble. We are promised nothing else-a life of trial and Probation is the christians lot while here-I do not however wish to make the dark Side more dark to you. I would like to encourage you if I can and to look more to the bright Side-we are So apt to draw the picture too gloomy when we are or feel ourselves oppresed-I could not help on

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drawing Some Comparisons after reading your affectionate letter, on Friday last I was in town I saw A. Stouffer Stand in front of the Franklin Hotel preaching with all the powers of his lungs to the busy world and all who felt curiosity enough to Stop and listen-on Saturday I met him-he Said he was Six weeks from home-he was needed badly at home- Some of his children had dipthirea-but Said he I am needed worse out to preach-S.P. his brother is drafted and is on the Camp ground-the use he has made of his precious time thus far I think will not afford him money or friends to avoid it. how many Wives are there through our land who Spend hours and nights of watching for their husbands to come home-perhapse drunken-Cross and abusive-these are [unclear: Shared] Cases-in many as with Abraham it is a taken as a blessing when the husband is absent

Monday Nov 3.

As regards us we are tolerably well I have not been well myself for Some days-had Something of the Cholera Morbus-and do not feel right yet but am Still about-[unclear: Annie] we think is improveing Some Slowly. Very Slowly-the rest are well we had preaching at our School house yesterday after noon Jacob Lehman preached-I suppose you know that he is Confirmed in his Calling-remember us in your prayers that the Lord may enable us to hold out faithful to the end that we may be Strengthened from Above to be up under all trials both from within and without I feel that I have many-I feel too to do So for you My wish and prayer is that you and Amos may be fited out to fulfil your Several Callings

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to the honour and glory of God and as bright and Shining lights in the Kingdom of Heaven-that the Lord may bestow upon you Strength as your day is with fortitude to bear what may be laid upon you-believing that he will not lay more upon you than he will help to bear-Our prayer Should be that more labourers may be fited out for the Lords Vineyard and as the field of labour is increased I trust and hope this will be the Case So that your Earthly Social enjoyments may not be so near all fled as it may appear to you-but as my mixed up letter is already longer than I had intended and with all perhaps not much of Consolation I will close with an Affection

Adieu from your Father

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