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Franklin County: Eliza R. Stouffer to Catherine and Amos Miller, January 13, 1863

In this letter Eliza R. Stouffer describes the health of family and friends, and discusses her belief that one should trust in religion and God.

January 13th 1863

Chambersburg, Pa.

Dear Children

I seat myself to pen you an answer to your letter, Casie, we made out it was your own hand write which we were glad to see. yet it was more than I expected you could do, which surely shows an improvment in your health, for which we should truly feel thankful as you say for such great blessings, We are also all well. Papa's health is a good deal better than it had been seems to be pretty well relieved from his long standing cold, thinks the syrup I made him has done him a great deal of good, we intend going up to see Mother this week yet if the weather is not too bad. Our Barometer gives good satisfaction so far, are all pleased with it, I do not Know why the letters do not reach you in due time Emma wrote one on friday evening took it in on saturday morning before day light, the Post master

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said it would go in the first train, thinking Jackson would get it, when at Market Papa had also send one to me before I left which should have been there on Tuesday or Wednesday, we generally get yours the same day they are put in, when you write again name the No-of your Box perhaps that is the cause, for they think it is not here, When you see any of Davids tell them if they would like to have our [unclear: helacipede] and would set a day, when they would be at the station to receive it. we would send it any time,-

Our neighbors and friends are generally well, with few exceptions Molly Laufman is much the same, also [unclear: Giny] Abannon, sister Leah is better was in town the day I came home, Mary Stoner is better we were there after meeting, the Dr calls it Neuralgia, it is nearly all in the eyes it was only in one the day before we

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were there it generally comes in the evening, Lizzie, Abners wife staid up intends staying a few days,

About the babys breats feeding is something I never saw myself, but have heard of such cases before, I think the little book called the Ladies Companion says something about it. I would not think that it could be any thing very serious, and think greasing them a little to soften them would be good. should it get bad, The Dr advice would then be best, and if you have not suck enough I think too, the bottle would be best as you certainly must be weak, and it would be a benifit to you, to gain strength faster with this will close, and commit you, and all, to the mercy of God, and his tender care, which he has again shown so bountiful, toward us, & you, Let us strive to adore him, and appreciate his goodness, and his love

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May the good Lord, bless us with Thankful hearts, and willing hearts to be led by his spirit is my wish and desire for us all if I know myself, My love to you all also to Davids I did not write to them yet since I came home, If spared will write when I get back from Loudon

from your Mother

Write when ever convenient hope you can read this as it was writen in a hurry A & C Miller

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