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Franklin County: Jacob Stouffer to His Brother and Sister, March 9, 1863

In this letter Jacob Stouffer discusses the health of family members and the upcoming sale of several neighbors' properties.

March 9/63


Beloved Brother & Sister

I Seat myself to write you a few lines for Satisfaction we received your letter of the 6th this evening and were pleased to hear from you-hope you may be all restored to health again-we too have been afflicted Some little Since you left us-Eliza had a bad cold with tighting in her breast-but is over it again-Emma has the mumps-is not much Sick- Amos complains this evenig-is Sick on the Stomach-and pain in his Side-we do not know yet what it will be-Daniels are not So well-Daniel, David, Fany Fry and H. Ryder's girl have the mumps and their little Johny is also feeverish and Sick-Mary Cosgrove is perhapse a little better-, Leah is also better-is able to go about again-the neighbours and friends are generally well. Neither Immels, nor Eberlys have been here to enquire for anything,-there will be offered at public Sale on

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Friday March 20th two Small properties in our neighbourhood-that of P. Laufmen Dec'd and that of Littles, the first you are acquainted with-the other near the Alms house-is on the road from the pike to that institution-between John Bowmans and Mary Leydigs-Littles lot has an old log dwelling-a Small Stable and a new brick house not long finished-both are to be Sold on the afternoon of the 20th inst -If you have a desire for any of them and could come and See them beforehand would be the most Satisfaction-or If you prefer it I will do what you may desire in the matter-the Laufman lot is far the most deSirable-and I fear will bring a big price. I learn there are a number waiting for it-I have heard nine to eleven hundred dollars Spoken of as a price for it-which is high for about 1 1/2 acres of rather poor land with verry poor buildings on it-how the feeling will run when it is up

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is hard to Say-the other property is too near the poor house for most people and does not border on the pike-I learn they want $1400 for it-If you have a desire for either and could come up to See them would be the most Satisfactory-having given you what is on my mind I will close wishing you the abundant Grace of God and the guideance and assistance of his holy Spirit to lead and direct you through this vale of troubles So that we may all meet and enjoy that rest which is in Store for those who love his appearin

From your friend and weak brother in the faith

Jacob Stouffer

Catharine Ryder and Adam come here Saturday-they were all well at Loudon-Adam went home yesterday after the meeting-he took a yound man along up-who came from mt. joy by the Cares and is going to live with him a while Catherine is here-intends to Stay part of this week.

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Tuesday morning

Dear brother & sister

I will yet add & say. Amos came from the mill yesterday evening after dark, had a severe chill pain in the side, throw up several times we send for the Dr He pronounced it Billious plurisy.

gave him powders applied mustard plaster to his side he was very sick all night still threw up. feels a little easier now

we will let you hear again should it not get better

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