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Franklin County: Eliza R. Stouffer to Catherine and Amos Miller, July 10, 1864

In this letter, Eliza Stouffer describes crop harvests within the area, the status of education at her son Amos' school, and the recent deaths of friends.

July 10th 1864

Dear Children

We recd both yours & Davids letters yesterday, were very glad to hear from you, and as times are, do not Know how long we may have the priviledge of writing together, we are all well, hope this may find you all again restored to perfect health, Andrew Henry & cold Thomas came home with the horses & wagon yesterday evening, he is done cutting in the slate land, have quite a small portion to cut here yet, very few persons are done I Know of none else, Some are about half done, The news appeared quite favourable yesterday, not so much so to day, at least the pickets say so, that stand on the pike, on Wednesday the order was given out in town, that when there would be danger and they thought it advisable for the farmers to move their stock, the Bells in town should be wrung, which was done on wednesday about sun set, then the whole neighborhood cleared off their horses, our men were as far as Leesburg, would have came on friday morning

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But John Stouffer. went to town and heard bad news, telegraphed to his men not to come untill he sent further orders. But they had started before the telegram arrived. So those that were back recd it, and staid, or else they would likly all been home a day or so sooner, how it will go further, is a mystery yet, But must hope for the best, and put our trust in God, There was always a way yet and hope there is yet, Do not trouble yourselves about us, and if we should be so situated that we can not get together or hear from one another, Let us cast our care on him who has all power in Heaven & earth, and if we can feel that nearness of him, we shall not be made afraid, we had a letter from Amos and a dispatch, enquiring, whether they should stay or come home, we advised them to stay, he says they are anxious to get through with their studies, complain they have two few teachers for so many Schollars, which is a great drawback to them, complains of the heat, perhaps you can write to them some time perticular if our mails should be closed and

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not yours which might be the case, & if you want the glass jars he could get them for you Papa send him a check for some mony so he could pay them we had meeting to day, this after noon, at the School house, and had a very fine shower of rain which will freshen up things a little It was very dry, and is no ways soaked deep yet,

The news are as yet not very favourable the Rebels are said to be moving on towards Baltimore. But we Know nothing and should give all over to God to rule who has all in his hands. and power I often feel that I dread the cross too much and would rather see it go according to my wish & will. Oh What short sighted creatures are we.

May the Lord rule my heart. and let me be silent

Anna Landis was buried last wednesday at 10 Oclock. Stoner & Uncle Daniel were at the funeral,

also Eliza Burkholders son was wounded in battle & has since died,

write when ever con venient

Let David's see this as I may not answer theirs immediately

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