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Franklin County: Diary of Eliza R. Stouffer (1863)


Account of My Visit in Lancaster County


June 1863

June 12th 1863

I Started from home on the Morning of 12th June in company with Daniel Musser and wife, Aunt Leah-Catharine Snyder-Amanda Herr-and Maria Stouffer-the three last named and Myself stopped at Middlesex. also brother Benjamin-We took dinner at David Millers. went out to Amos Miller's in the evening there over night,

Saturday Morning the 13th

started to Darry station in Dauphin County Stopped at Harrisburg untill 2. Oclock-we walked out to the Capitol and around the place awhile-got to the Aunt Hersheys in the afternoon took supper with them. The examination Meeting was over a great had been togather. We went to Martin Hersheys in the evening there over night they had a house full of Strangers, thirty four over night.

Sunday Morning the 14th

all went to Meeting at the church. C Whitmer and D Musser spoke, the house full did not near all get in. fourteen were received by baptism. We went back to Hersheys took dinner and started to Mt Joy in Carriage; went to John Snyders, there over night.

Monday 15th

all at Pap Snyders over dinner. Aunt Leah started for home in the afternoon A great excitement there. reports the Rebels are coming to Chambersburg. Emma Snyder went along in the afternoon to Samuel Hersheys there overnight.

Tuesday morning 16th

went to Hersts there for dinner. They took us back to Snyders. Aunt Leah came back could not get home. in the evening went to see Polly Rohrer in Mt Joy-at J Snyder over night.

In the afternoon of the 17th

Aunt, Maria and Myself took the Cars to Lancaster and the Hack to Lampeter to Dr Musser's. the excitement stile getting greater-at Musser's over night.

on Thursday afternoon

Sister Musser took Maria and I to see Lydia Hebble

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took supper with her in the evening went with Annie Miller home there over night.

Friday 19th

Dr Musser took us over to Jacob Weavers there over dinner. Annie Lantz went along to Gabrial Whingerts there a few hours, and back to John Weavers for Supper. Jacob took us and Annie Lantz to the Widow Herr. in the evening went to the Meeting house and grave yard, at Herr's over night.

Saturday 20th

to Franks awhile in the morning. Fanny took us to Daniel Musser's, took dinner at Daniel Herrs and supper at Abram Herr's. Went to Dr Mussers again in the evening went to see Henry Herr's, Yitzels, and Crooks-over night at Mussers.

Sunday morning 21st

Abram Herr took us to Manor Meeting. two were received by baptism a cloudy wet morning; went through Petersville and along the Conestoga creek. took dinner at Jacob Frantzes came by Millersville. Lizzie Frantz took us along home, came through a little town called Eden and the War banks and Lancaster City. There over night.

Monday 22

Frantzes two girls went along to Andrew Frantzes there awhile took dinner at David Shirks Mary went along to Dochertys there a few hours, and then to Jacob Fricks. there over night.

Tuesday 23rd

Salinda and her Mother went along to Lydia Landis took dinner with her. in the afternoon to Amos Hoover's and in the evening to John Kohr's there over night.

Wednesday 24th

Maria and I took the Cars at Dillerville to Landisville took dinner and supper at the Widow Lehman's in the evening Emma went along to Widow Longs there over night.

Thursday morning

Maria Long went along to Jacob Hoovers there awhile, went back to Lehmans for dinner. Emma went along to Christian Swartleys there over night. At Joseph Swartleys in the evening awhile.

Friday morning

Lizzie Swartley took us to Hostetters there a few hours, then to George Trouts there for dinner. Susan went along to Swarrs there over supper, Trouts came for us in the evening, this was a wet rainy day. in the evening

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John and Frank Lantz came, with several others. brought 25 head of horses along, great excitement among the people. (We cannot hear from home. at Trouts over night.

Saturday 27th

Susan took us to Jacob Swartleys there over dinner in the after noon they took us to Lancaster. We took the Hack to Lampete to Abram Herrs, there over night.

Sunday 28th

Annie Miller took us to the Meeting house. Jacob Bowman and D Musser spoke. We all took dinner at Abram Whitmers. Meet Bennie, Adam, David and some of Millers men at meeting, very unexpected brought horses down-in the afternoon went to see Old Betsy Weaver, To Joseph Weavers in the evening there over night.

Barbara went along to Isaac Weavers in the afternoon. there I meet Andy and James, In the evening Mary Weaver took us to Benjamin Buckwalters there over night.

Tuesday morning

Tuesday morning Kate and Mary Buckwalters went along to Jacob Bowmans took dinner there and supper at Widow Neffs, overnight at Eshlemans, (Meet Christ Miller there) heard very bad news about the rebels; how they are destroying things, and abusing the people.

July 1863

Wednesday morning 1st July

We went to the funeral of Henry Herr at Myser's. Amanda went along to Henry Landis'es there for dinner, took supper with Aunty Anne. in the evening went to Joseph Weavers there over night.

Thursday afternoon

Barbara and Annie Weaver went along to Samuel Weavers, not there long untile they sent for us. Aunt Leeh and Betsy Musser came.

Friday morning

took Uncles carriage and our horse Annie Weaver along went to Widow Herrs there for dinner Amanda went along in the after noon to Amos Herrs there for supper; in the evening all went to Hannah Armits, at Franks in the evening awhile, over night at Herrs.

Saturday 4th

Amanda went along to Mary Kriders was not at home. stopped at Abram Weaver's awhile, went back to Joseph Weavers there for dinner, Amanda and Barbara went along to Jacob Musser's took supper there, Maria and I stopped at Isaac Weavers there over night.

Sunday July 5th

raining fast all day intended going to meeting to Strasburg but did not go. In the afternoon Susan Weaver went along to Lampeter. I was at Mussers over night.

next morning

went to John Herrs-We all took dinner at Mussers-this was a wet unpleasant day, cleared off in the afternoon. Andy, David, Maria, and I went to Mt Joy at John Snyders over night.

next Morning

went to Paps there for dinner. In the afternoon went back to Lampeter Stayed at Musser over night.

Wednesday Morning,

raining fast. the boys all started for home took the horses and wagons along. Maria and Myself went to Cassels there over dinner, went to Carpenters awhile, and took supper at Sister Housers, back to Mussers in the evening there over night

the Dr took us to Lancaster in the morning. at Widow Eckmans awhile. took the Cars for home about 11.Oclock. got to Middlesex in the evening took supper at Davids, over night at Amos'es

Friday 10th

started in the Carriage for home, took dinner at a farm house. got in with a regiment of Union Soldiers, were pressed to haul some. a very warm and tiresome Journey. got home about 9.Oclock in the evening July 10th 1863-

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