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Freedmen's Bureau Records: N. C. Brackett to Thomas P. Jackson, April 26, 1867

Brackett relates the progress being made to build a church that will also serve as a school for freedmen, stating that it will not be finished without help from the Bureau.

Mr. Jackson
Asst.Supt. Bureau R. F. & A. L.

April 26, 1867

Staunton Va


There is no school room owned by the freedmen of this town. One soon capable of holding about eighty pupils is rented by the Bureau. Another room capable of holding nearly two hundred pupils is being used at present, but is soon to pass into other hands. The M. E. Church [added: colored ] is making an effort to

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build a church fifty by thirty feet with a basement thirty by thirty both rooms of which they intend to use for [deleted: a church] [deleted: for] schools. Cost $1,400.00 $600.00 already paid, they are depending upon the Bureau for three hundred. I do not think they can finish it without help from the Bureau.

The African Methodists are also trying to build a church and greatly need help, which they intend to use for a school house.

N. B.

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