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Freedmen's Bureau Records: W. Storer How to Orlando Brown, August 22, 1865

How writes that the officers he expected are being mustered out of his District, and will therefore need more. He notes that "it will be impossible to establish the relations of the Freedmen to their former masters without the aid of the military."

Bureau of Refugees, Freedmen and Abandoned Lands,
Office Asst. Supt. County of Frederick Col. O. Brown
Asst Commissioner
Richmond Va

Aug 22 1865.

Winchester, Va.


I have this morning requested of Brevet Major Genl Torbert an assignment of four (4) officers for duty in the counties comprising his District, "the Shenandoah" and have been informed that he has received orders to muster out the regiments now on duty in his command, and thus cannot furnish the officers required, and I have telegraphed you to that effect in order that so many more might be added to the number for which I understood you were to apply.

I do not know whether any troops are to replace those mustered out, but beg leave earnestly to [unclear: represent] the absolute necessity for a detachment of troops in each of the counties of this District as it will be impossible to establish the relations of the Freedmen to their former masteres without the aid of the Military.

I shall go tomorrow to Harpers Ferry to learn what may be done for the counties of Jefferson and Buckley, which are in the command of Genl Emory. I will make a full report on my return to Staunton, to which place please send all communications by letter.

I am Colonel
Very Respectfully

W. Storer HowCapt.&AQM
Supt Sixth Dist Va

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