The Valley of the Shadow

Augusta County Memory of War

  • Remembering the War: Augusta County Newspapers, 1865-1870

    This section contains articles that appeared in the Augusta County newspapers in the years immediately following the end of the war. These articles discuss numerous topics, but all of them deal with the war and how it should be remembered and interpreted. You may also search the post-war newspapers.
  • Remembering the War: Memoirs, Essays, and Articles, 1860s-1940s

    This section contains selected memoirs, essays and articles that were published in the years after the Civil War, all of which touch on the war and how it was remembered in Augusta. Some of these were first-hand accounts, written by participants in the war. Others were written by relatives, children, and friends of those who had lived through the war. You may also search the memory articles for Augusta and Franklin.
  • Remembering the War: Popular Culture in Augusta, 1860s-2006

    This section contains images and discussion of how the Civil War was remembered in popular culture in Augusta County. The Stonewall Brigade Band and the Stonewall Jackson Hotel in Staunton are the most conspicuous representations of the war that developed in Augusta. These sections give the history of both, and provide context for their development in the county.
  • Southern Claims Commission Papers, 1871-1879

    After the end of the war, the United States allowed Southerners who had remained loyal to the Union to petition to be reimbursed for losses they had sustained during the war while supporting the Union. From 1871 to 1879, 137 people from Augusta submitted applications for reimbursement, most of which were denied. This section contains all the surviving petitions and files, in which people from Augusta argued over what had constituted loyalty during the Civil War. You may also search the Southern Claims Commission Papers.
  • Search the 1890 Veterans' Census

    The 1890 U.S. Veterans Census Database allows users to search for information about veterans and widows from Augusta County, Virginia, and Franklin County, Pennsylvania, who were living in the two counties in 1890. Users may search by name, residence, rank during the war, regiment, and other criteria.
  • The Augusta Archive: The First Version of the Valley Project

    The Valley of the Shadow Project began in 1993 with support from the University of Virginia, and later found another partner in the Woodrow Wilson Birthplace in Staunton, Augusta County. The Woodrow Wilson Birthplace supported the development of the "Augusta Archive," which was the first web version of the Valley Project. The Augusta Archive was first displayed publicly in the Woodrow Wilson Birthplace museum in Staunton, and served as the prototype for later versions of the Valley Project. The Augusta Archive is no longer a functional website. It has been archived here as a part of the history of the Valley Project.
    Click here to download the archived Augusta Archive site (442 MB).

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