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Augusta County: Hannah M. Berry to Thomas M. Smiley, [1861]

Discusses home front news including church news and individuals home on leave.

Thomas M. Smiley


Moffets Creek

Dear Cousin

I will make one more attempt to answer the welcome epistle I recieved from you several months ago I am ashamed that it has been so long neglected but as this is my third attempt I hope you will forgive me this time and Ill endeavor to be more punctual here after. How have you been standing Camp Life since your visit at home wish you could have stayed longer we all feel so lonesome since so many of you have been at home and gone we have Capt McKerry to visit now. Annie and I spent the evening with him Thursday

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did not find him in very good spirits looks badly was not suffering much from his wound but he certainly has suffered from the appearance of his wound now it looks very badly indeed he says he never has felt weak until after he was moved home but stood the trip home very well I think if Annie Buck would come down it would raise his spirits very much dont think he will be able to go up soon for he has only set-up a few minute since he came home has no use of his leg at all think he is discourag about that whisch is the source of his being so low spirited

I have not spoken to Billie Fulton since he came home got sight of him at church last Sunday but that was all I was surprised to know that he would come

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home under such circumstances I dont know whether the woathy Mr Echard is at home now or not he never calls here. & I know very little about him I understood you all elected a Lieut but did not hold his office long suppose he felt a little cheap when he had to give his office up but I imagine he would have had you all under arrest before this time from what I have heard if he had [illeg.] been your Lieut yet. How is Cousin Jimmie Mc getting along heard from [illeg.] some of your Co this week that he had been writing letters for six days and as I have recieved none from him I imagine he intends slighting me as usual. I have heard from several of the boys this week all speak of having a Chaplain and preaching

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or prayer meeting every night dont think worth while to tell his name where he is from what denomination he is of or anything about him these questions have been asked me by several persons but have so far been unable to answer any of them how has Mr John Beard been getting along sinc he returned to camp suppose he has written to his Dear [unclear: Denizen ] several times since he left guess he must have taken it very hard as I know he had been crying all the way from there down here but dont blame him. You must all come home to Presbytery the 4th of Sept and bring Cousin Lane [unclear: Caerose] with you think he might afford to come home to see his old man(as he calls Capt Mc) then if not before that time Mr Junkin preaches in Newport tomorrow week hope Mr Harris will not be there as I dont want to hear him preach any more for I know he is a real Yankee

We have no Bible Class tomorrow as Mr Junkin expects to be absent and I am glad for we have an unmerciful hard and long lesson think we ought to have two weeks at it I must bring this epistle to a close as it is hout of news my best love to Cousins Jimmie Buck Samuel Carson and all any other acquantances receiving a large share for yourself I bid you adeiu hoping you will write Soon & I will follow your examp

I remain as ever your true friend and Cous


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Please excuse mistakes bad writing &c all send much love to you all

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