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Augusta County: John P. Dull to Giney Dull, December 1, 1864

Dull explains reorganization of men into different companies.

Dec 1 1864

Camp near new market

Dear Giney

I take this opportunity to right you a fiew lines to let you now that I am well and hope you enjoy the same grate blessing wee reached camp yesterday eve wee left Staunton last Satterday in the after noon had a pretty hard march meneyof the men are very mutch broken down I stod the march very well except my feet got veary sore wee are now in camp near new Market. This is a noisey place theareis a quantity of men heare. wee have all gonin different companeys in the Fift Regiment that is the men from our nabourhod Clemmer Cale Cochran and myself a several others have goined the middlebrook company Charley Baylor is in command of the company at this time theare was but twelve men in the company when wee came to it inclodingoficers and all things are quiet heare at this time a regards eney movement in the armey how long it will remain so I cannot tell. the yankeys are 10 or twelve miles below heare I would have joined [illeg.] 52 Regt if [unclear: Liewis] had bintheare but I thought as he was not theare I would not, our nabourhood men all wanted me to go with them, there is no chance to go to cavelry; there was about 75 men from our couty came with us some more are on the road. I had thought to get home from Staunton but could not get a pass I could have gon with out one but did not like to do it

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I intend to act onerable awhile and see how it will go. how long wee will bee held I cannot tell but hope it will not last a life time, Dear Giney my trust is in God by his grase I wish to live so as to bee preprde for life or death I want you to pray for mee that I may havgrase and strenth from on high to gide me through what ever I may hav to pass and if it bee his will bring us Son together again if not O may wee metwheare parting is nowing now more such a hope is all that bearse one up wee have this privilage God grant us grase to do his will is my daley prare. I hav attended several prear mettings since wee left Ritchmon. while theare I was at preaching ofton, there is some veary good praying men in the armey I hope that our hevenly Father may take care of you and provide for you in my abscence, Ciss Nely, for me an tell her to bee a good child

I must stop soon I am righting laying on a blanket. right me soon and let me now how you are geting along I have not heard from home since I [unclear: left] Direct your letter to John P. Dull Co.D. 5 Va Infantry Stonewall bregade
Gordons[unclear: Disis]

John. P. Dull

John P Dull
Co. D. 5th Va Infantry
Stonewall Brigade
Gordons Division

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