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Augusta County: John P. Dull to Giney Dull, January 28, 1865

Dull discusses his health and the weather as he hastens to write a letter to send with a friend and fellow soldier who is leaving on furlough.

January 28 1865

Camp Ewel Dinwdey Co

Dear Giney

I haiston to drop you I line this morning in ansure to yours mailed the twenty fourth witch came to hand Safely you no not how glad I was to heare from you I began to think you had forgoton to rite to me as it had bin some time since I had gotton a letter but was glad to heare that you ware well my health is still impproveing some I am considerable better than I have bin hearetofore for witch I thank the Lord hopeing it may still improve. well Giney I have not time to rite mutch this morning [unclear: Ad] Baylor is going to start home is wayting for to take this with him I will rite son a gain tell Nely I will rite to her soon

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The weather is very coald heare for several days I now it is awful in Augusta.

tell Pa to rite to me I want to heare from him in regard to the matter of witch you spoke in your letter hope he may succeed,

There is nothing of importance going on in camp I must stop for this time
so nothing more

But remain yours truly

John P. Dull

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