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Franklin County: David Demus to Mary Jane Demus, November 25, 1863

Demus describes the games played by soldiers in camp on Thanksgiving Day.

Mary Jane Demus

November the 25 1863

morris Ilon South Carlin

mi Dear Wife

I take this optuity to in form you that I am Well at presn and I hope Whean thes fu lines reach you tha ma find you i the best state of healte I receve yor letter on the 25th of november i Was hapey to hear frum you and I did not Car how smole the letter Was Jest sow I got Wone but you Cant tell how sweat it Was to me to get it fer I Wod like to hear frum you ever day If i Cod get it but i must tell you of the grate time that We had on theank giving it Was the best day that We ever had sinc i lefte home thar Was a pole poote oup and tha poot 13th dollers in the [unclear: panes] and then thea greas the pole Withe fat sow Whean tha Wod try to get op the Wiy tha Wod slipe and tha tride all day but tha Cod not get upe the till nighte and then thar Was a man in ar Comny that Clim oup to the tope and got the pants dow and he got thirteen dollers and a par of pants and then tha got oup a race for 500 doller to run in a bag Wone of ar men men got it and the nex best got too dollers and then tha got [unclear: Whiling] and tha tide oup thar ies so that tha Cod not se Whar tha War going and some Was plaing bol and som Was [unclear: dakesing] and all Cinds of [unclear: alking] and all got a long verrey Well and you had I spoke of the letter that you had rote to me With the [unclear: read] paper in I did get it som time a go nothing mor at this time give mi love to unkle Sol and to ant marrey and all the reste of mi frend and i think that i Will be at home son but i Wod lik to now Wether you got all the thinks frum his son or not and i hope tha you Will excus this letter and this bad riting pleas to rite son and let me how you ar give miy love to ginny gater and tell her to rite to me son and Mis [unclear: Cand] and to sharlite baron to rite to me the mor letters that i get the better i lik

Direct your letter to morris ilon South Carlina 54th mass Colord volintear

David A. Demus to Mrs Marry Jane Demus

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